This website was designed by the Jewish Cemeteries Maintenance Board to pay tribute to loved ones that are no longer with us.

Search for a deceased and interact by

  • Placing a stone on the deceased`s tombstone.
  • Buying a leaf on the deceased`s tree of life.
  • Writing on the deceased`s memorial wall.

The Jewish Cemeteries Maintenance Board (CMB) is responsible for maintenance of all 5 Jewish cemeteries in the Cape Peninsula.

We rely solely on donations to look after our cemeteries.

We need your support.

Sam Galansky
Current Month Financials
Monthly contributions to date R5,110.00
Running Costs (R85,000.00)
Average Donation R180

Last updated 24 April 2014
Thank you to most recent donors
* Donations can be made anonymously at the election of the donor
Donor In Memory of Donation
Charles E Samson  David Samson R360.00
Lorraine Raskin  Fay Weiner R180.00
Lorraine Raskin  Fay Weiner R180.00
Lorraine Raskin  Joseph Weiner R180.00
Lorraine Raskin  Joseph Weiner R180.00
Monty Isserow  Stanley Levenstein R180.00
MRS B BOYCE  Lewis Behr R180.00
D Benson  Gerald Benson R180.00
larry galansky  Joseph Levin R180.00
Leora Segal  Wallace Wolfsohn R180.00
Beverley Altman  Ella Gaffen R180.00
Selwyn Wener  Annie and Lazar Wener R360.00
Rieva Sifren  Mervyn Sifren R180.00
neil kagan  Sidney Kagan R180.00
Selwyn Hayman  Norman East R180.00
Selwyn Hayman  Edith Kay R180.00
Bernard Joffe  Solly Joffe R180.00
Funerals to take place

No funerals at present

Recent Funerals
Sydney Raymond  14 Apr 2014   Pinelands 2   02:00pm
Stanley Levenstein  14 Apr 2014   Pinelands 2   01:00pm
Percy Katcher  10 Apr 2014   Pinelands 2   03:00pm
Olga Boekstein  9 Apr 2014   Pinelands 2   12:00pm
David Slevin  2 Apr 2014   Pinelands 2   03:30pm
Anthony Brener  31 Mar 2014   Pinelands 2   01:30pm
Edward Berman  30 Mar 2014   Pinelands 2   01:00pm
Sybil Sischy  30 Mar 2014   Pinelands 2   12:00pm
David Saus  27 Mar 2014   Pinelands 2   01:30pm
Arthur Chapman  27 Mar 2014   Pinelands 2   11:30am