Asher Ginsberg
Hello My Darling Papa, Days and years .....

Hello My Darling Papa, Days and years pass, but the love remains. Often I think of you, and a smile comes to my face, Today as I came to visit I see your final resting place on this earth. your headstone, I read its words and tears roll down my face, your so right, Memories, Laughter, Love are the treasures we keep forever....such precious things they are. You were a treasure, loved beyond measure, and my memories of all the years, the times we shared together, I hold in my heart for all eternity. I miss hearing your voice, holding your hand, seeing you're smiling face and sharing the laughter, the stories, all the memories of bygone days as our Mummys Daddy and the pride that bought you. Thank you for giving of yourself to us.. Mizpah Always, Your ever loving Granddaughter Amanda XX

Amanda Norman
19 August 2019
MIZPAH always. I love you xxx

MIZPAH always. I love you xxx

Amanda Norman
9 August 2018
Dear Papa, I just wanted to pay you a vi .....

Dear Papa, I just wanted to pay you a visit..I am thinking of you and missing you. We had a family gathering yesterday, Ross has bought a beautiful new family home in Northampton, quite close to the canal. It was also Emily’s 13th Birthday so we had a double celebration, housewarming/Birthday, very proud of them both. We all sat out in the garden and talked about how you always told us to stick together, how important family is, you of course were absolutely right and you’d be please to hear we’re doing our best to follow those values. It seems hard to believe that apart from Dad, there are no other elders in the family, in the next few years, it will be me that steps inthe shoes as the the eldest, it’s funny because I still feel like that little girl that played outside in the South African sunshine, where did time go? Mind you you told me when you were 92, that you felt 25 in your head, it was just your body that felt your age, well I know that one!! The weather is ohh so hot in the U.K., were having a heat wave, it’s beautiful, we really, truly wish you, Nanny, Mum, and Jo were with us to enjoy special times. Please know none of you are ever forgotten, thought of with affection often. Love you PAPA. Always and forever. Amanda 💜

Amanda Norman
15 July 2018
I love and miss you Papa, please look af .....

I love and miss you Papa, please look after JoJo your beautiful little peaches and cream who resides with you and Mummy, sending kisses to where you all are...your ever loving Grandaughter, Amanda 💜

Amanda Norman
15 May 2018
2018, we turn another page in the chapte .....

2018, we turn another page in the chapter of our lives, it looks like we have another hard year ahead Papa, please look down upon us and guide us all and give us strength.. we carry you in our hearts, Always...I still hear your voice, your wisdom I cherish, feel your hand in mine, and your see your smile when I close my eyes...I feel deep love in my heart for you Papa, your earthly presence is missed...all my memories, they are my treasure...worth more than everything material. Love is everything and it doesn’t grows stronger as time passes and there is a greater appreciation of all we had and all we still have. Family and will always be..forevermore for eternity. 💜 Mizpah 💜

Amanda Norman
12 January 2018
Papa, 💞 A little tribute small and .....

Papa, 💞 A little tribute small and tender, Just to say we still remember. Mizpah 💞

Amanda Norman
7 August 2017
Papa Kept a Garden Our Papa kept a gard .....

Papa Kept a Garden Our Papa kept a garden. A garden of the heart; He planted all the good things, That gave our lives their start. He turned us to the sunshine, And encouraged us to dream: Fostering and nurturing the seeds of self-esteem. And then the winds and rain came, He protected us enough; But not too much because he knew We would stand up strong and tough. His constant good example, Always taught us right from wrong; Markers for our pathway that will last a lifetime long. We are our Papa's garden, We are his legacy. Thank you Papa, we love you. And that will always be. MIZPAH, until we meet again. Amanda Moo. XXX

Amanda Norman
23 July 2017
Hi Papa, found myself not able to sleep .....

Hi Papa, found myself not able to sleep tonight and thinking of you, mum, nan....all of those whom I love dearly that have now passed. I miss you, and your smile, and how you had a gentle air about your presence. I miss the family reunions we would have for when you visited. Mizpah x

Joshua Asher Hamilton
26 May 2017
Thinking of you my dear Papa. Now reunit .....

Thinking of you my dear Papa. Now reunited with all your brothers. 💞 Your presence always missed in all our lives. As we continue along our lives path, your all remembered with love and fondness, gratitude and kindness. Peace and love be with you all. 💞 I love you dearly Papa. Mizpah Always. 💞💞💞

Amanda Norman
8 May 2017
💕Hello my Papa,💕 it's been a whi .....

💕Hello my Papa,💕 it's been a while since I came here to speak with you, but as you know I do communicate with you quite often. I know you and Mum and Nanny watch over us at this difficult time, I have felt you all close and I thank you for all the signs confirming you have heard. I know I can rely on you my darling and thank you in advance,. Papa I miss your physical presence hear on earth, but I still have a recording you sang for me over my answer phone on my 50th birthday, although we moved and needed a new phone I recorded it to an app on my IPad. So you sing me happy birthday every year, I always smile when I hear your voice, it brings me very much happiness, I thank you for that special message, it's treasured, like you are. The twins turn 1 soon, time has flown by, and they are doing very well. Emily is growing into a beautiful young lady. Ross continues to work hard and he and Sam are wonderful parents. David remains Cancer free, touchwood, he will be signed off from the hospital in the next year. Sadly We lost his father Frank in January, He was nearly 89. A good age, now reunited with his wife Muriel. Well Papa, you will be pleased the family here are all pulling together as best we can at this difficult time. We see each other very often now, I go and stay with Dad a Few days a week, so can be near Jo and the family in Northampton. Jo is in the hospice, it's open visiting there so all the family can spend time with her. Precious girl has been so strong and brave Papa, but she is feeling very tired now. We are all deeply sad, and heartbroken, our bonds as a family are strong though and we're are doing our best at holding each other's hand, and trying to keep Jo comfortable and supported with so much love surrounding her. She is a very special girl indeed, she is in all our hearts, a wonderful, daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend. And a grandaughter too, to you, ..such a gift in all our lives, truly one of a kind. Beautiful inside and out. Your peaches and cream. 💕 Well my Papa, I could talk on, but I will close this post, sealing all my love within it for you. Mizpah Now and always, in our hearts forever, Please keep close. I love you. Amanda, xxxx

Amanda Norman
13 February 2017
Hello Papa, just popping by to let you k .....

Hello Papa, just popping by to let you know I am thinking of you, I miss you so much. Not a day goes by where I don't think of you. Time is flying by, and Summertime in the UK brings some sunny weather. I have very much missed your UK visit this year, I would have loved for you to meet my two beautiful grand twins, Lily Fae, and Daisy Mae, they are really beautiful, growing fast, and bring very much pleasure to us. I know you would be so proud of them all. Ross continues to work hard and his bussiness is growing well. David remains cancer free, and will be coming up to the 5 year mark soon. Hopefully he will be signed off from the hospital. Well my darling Papa, I will say ta-ra for now. Love you. Mizpah. Amanda x

Amanda Norman
15 August 2016
Not a day goes by that I don't think of .....

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you my darling Papa. Life goes on, yet it's just not the same without you. I know your just a thought away, and in our hearts forever, but Ohhh, how I would love to hold your hand, kiss your cheek and sit listening to your wonderful life stories, the ones you often shared with us, and to sing Mairzy Doats with you. You would love the two new beautiful Twins Daisy Mae, and Lily Fae. Ross is a wonderful Daddy. I am so proud. I know you will watch over them all. Mizpah Papa. I love you now and always and forever. 💞

Amanda Norman
12 July 2016
To the most amazing Papa any little girl .....

To the most amazing Papa any little girl could wish for.... You filled our lives with love and happiness and we cherish every moment spent with you... You will always remain deep in our hearts and thoughts every day. I love you Papa... MIZPAH ,Ed, Speck and Madeleine x x x

Rebecca Stanton-Riche
2 September 2015
The most wonderful Grandfather my deares .....

The most wonderful Grandfather my dearest Papa, You blessed my life with your gentleness and kindness. I will keep you forever in my heart until we meet again. I love you, and miss you. Always your little girl Jo Jo xxx

Joannda Burgess
24 August 2015
Dearest Papa, It was an honour to have m .....

Dearest Papa, It was an honour to have met you. You will be truly missed by u s all . Love always xx

Sam E
24 August 2015
My darling Papa, I can't stop thinking a .....

My darling Papa, I can't stop thinking about you, my heart feels so sad. My treasured memories of you don't feel enough, and I miss our calls, and our long chats, our love and laughter, that we used to share together. Thinking of you always. I love you. Mizpah my Angel. X

Amanda Norman
23 August 2015
Dearest gentle was a pleasure .....

Dearest gentle was a pleasure to have known you're visits to us were truly special and treasured moments.You brought so much happiness into many people's lives.Rest up now..Love Col X

Colin Burgess
12 August 2015
My great grandad was the most amazing ma .....

My great grandad was the most amazing man ever and will be truly missed by everyone ilove and miss him so much rest in peace lovley man xxxxx

Holly Hamilton
12 August 2015
My Darling Papa, my beautiful Grandfathe .....

My Darling Papa, my beautiful Grandfather, how sad I feel at the news of your passing. I pray you are at peace in the arms of the God and the Angels, with Mum, Nanny, Mary. You bought such joy to us all, and we will remember your kind gentle ways, your wonderful generosity, your sense of humour, and all the wonderful life stories of your 93 years on earth. Every treasured moment we spent together etched on my memory. The love I feel for you will never fade from my heart. Until we meet again my beautiful Papa, I love you with all that I am, always and forever. Mizpah. XXX

Amanda Norman
12 August 2015
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