Rachel Roditi
I shall always remember dear Rachel as a .....

I shall always remember dear Rachel as a Goodhearted,Fine,Classy,Cultured,Unique Lady. She was a close friend of my late Mom ( Katie Alhadeff Franco)since the days she arrived in Salisbury from Rhodes and they both shared so many interests in common . I had the opportunity to meet her several times both in Salisbury(Harare) as well as in CT. I used to enjoy talking to her either in Italian or in French . I shall always remember her with fond memories . May HaShem welcome Her Soul into His Realm and May Her Soul Rest in Gan Eden forever in Peace . Amen. Salvatore L. Franco, D.M.D.

Salvatore Franco
20 May 2020
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Yahrzeit : (1 Jan 1970)
Gender : Female
Tribe :
Synagogue : U.C.K.
Cemetery : Pinelands 2
Grave :
Death Date:
Burial Date : 26 Iyyar 5780 (20 May 2020)
Consecration Date:
Monthly contributions to date $ 11
Running Costs ($ 3,000)
Last updated 3 June 2020
Average Donation $ 50