Zanne Beatrice Breskal
My magnificent mother who lost her battl .....

My magnificent mother who lost her battle to breast cancer 24 years ago today - 26 May 1993, at the age of 44. People often say time heals, but I can honestly say every year that goes by just makes me miss and long for her more. The older I get, the more experiences I have missed sharing with her. For anyone who ever knew her or experienced her laughter, her unwavering, unconditional love will understand what a huge loss it is not having her around. There was always a song in her heart, a smile on her face and open arms to hug anyone in need. I don't think I've met another soul that was more full of love, with the exception, possibly of her own mother. Her 4 grandchildren will never have the opportunity to experience her. To play with her, laugh with her and grow with her. Only hear about the memories of her. There is nothing on this earth, in this physical form, more special or more beautiful or more irreplaceable than a bond between a mother and her children. Forever in our hearts, we love you 44 xxx

Brett Breskal
30 May 2017
We wish you comfort and strength on your .....

We wish you comfort and strength on your sad loss.

Jewish Cemetery
26 November 2012
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Yahrzeit : 6 Sivan 5780 (29 May 2020)
Gender : Female
Tribe : Cohen
Synagogue : Green & Sea Point H.C.
Cemetery : Pinelands 2
Grave : WG 135
Death Date: 6 Sivan 5753  (26 May 1993)
Burial Date : 8 Sivan 5753 (28 May 1993)
Consecration Date: 16 Kislev 3761 (1 Jan 1970)
Monthly contributions to date $ 1,146
Running Costs ($ 3,500)
Last updated 22 August 2019
Average Donation $ 50